“If you’ve tried everything, working with Fyera! is not one more thing. It is THE thing that will make everything else you’ve tried work.”

Filmmaker and Writer, Los Angeles

“In a few short sessions, the training I’ve received at Fyera has allowed me to find peace, and even sometimes a smile, in the midst of a crazy day of struggles and stress. I’ve been able to look forward and see looming decisions with more clarity, and even more happiness. What wonderful coaching!”

Dr. Abe Morgentaller, Men’s Health Boston
Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

“The trouble with being in the public eye as a person known for inspiring and empowering others is, where do you go when you need inspiration and advice? Sheva Carr at Fyera taught me how to access the wisdom of my own heart for that. When you’ve graduated from personal growth training and want to find the real power in yourself, go to Sheva. She was there through the most difficult relationship challenge of my life, guiding me to a place of self respect where I am now receiving the love I truly deserve. She is without a doubt a leader to leaders, a coach to coaches, and an inspiration to all! I am so grateful to have met you Sheva, and to continue to work with you and to watch your magic unfold in the world!”

Bonnie St. John, Olympic Medalist, Author, Speaker Named by NBC as one of the five most inspiring women in the nation

“A mere 5 minute session learning HeartMath from Fyera utterly changed my entire outlook, energy, aura, you name it. No more burnout symptoms. I was more than astounded. For me, it was earth-shattering. Better yet, it was ignorance shattering. The process works. For several days afterwards, I sat in bliss in the O.R. just breathing through my heart. Since then, I’ve slacked off the practice since I’ve felt so good- I have not needed it as much. It worked. I’m very familiar with all the stress literature, but to actually DO it and feel it was a whole other story.”