Capabilities Statement

Fyera!’s interventions are a very simple, elegant approach to help people and the teams and organizations they participate in upgrade their physiology “software” to run effectively and efficiently with the new needs of modern times. Organizations pay a high price for the unmitigated stress of their staff and the people they serve. The tools and technologies we teach can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds and in almost any context, in the midst of the hectic pace of life. Our processes are scientifically validated, based on peer reviewed research, and are proven to:

  • increase resilience
  • recover from and prevent PTSD
  • enhance situational awareness
  • improve reaction time
  • increase innovative thinking and problem solving
  • improve capacity to communicate and collaborate as teams
  • reduce sick days, turn-over and errors
  • improve morale

We provide real solutions for real people, in a way that ENGAGES them in the process. Instead of lecturing at people (BORING!) our trainings are FUN, PLAYFUL, EXPERIENTIAL, and ENGAGING, with learning purposefully designed to be entertaining and game based to leverage the new brain science which shows people learn more, sustain and apply what they learn, and feel better about what they are learning when they are enjoying the process.

All of this is anchored by our use of the methodologies developed and backed by 25 years of peer reviewed research at HeartMath, with validated metrics in place to assess targeted outcomes and produce measurable results.

In addition to that distinction we offer many things that even other companies licensed to provide HeartMath do not, including:

  1. We are the only HeartMath training company that can also provide at-a-distance online learning access to reduce costs and increase accessibility and flexibility of use.
  2. We are the only HeartMath training company with in house trainers licensed to deliver all 58 of the HeartMath tools – most companies are only certified in 6-10.
  3. We have a robust team of trainers we can deploy to respond to your needs. Because our team are some of the master trainers who train other trainers, we can also hand pick just the right fit from among the whole body of available HeartMath trainers specifically for your organizational culture.
  4. If it is in your strategic best interest we can arrange to have your team licensed by HeartMath to train the content for you, rather than bill you to deliver it ourselves.
  5. We have alliance partnerships with other experienced government training companies through which we can tailor programs that will more thoroughly meet your organizational needs
  6. We have some proprietary training materials that ONLY our organization delivers

These factors position us to provide unique, lower cost solutions that are much more effective as well as sustainable long term within your organization.

We are a catalyst to reignite the personal passion and purpose that drives positive organizational outcomes, and individual fulfillment, mattering and meaning. We help individuals and organizations redefine stress as a pathway to personal and organizational success. We are known for experiential, fun training that yields improved performance and productivity, and enhanced client and employee retention and satisfaction through stress reduction and heart intelligent innovations that meaningfully manifest individual and company-wide core values as tangible results.

These training interventions have a significant impact on personal and organizational health and effectiveness. Some high level examples include:


  • From 8,792 participants learning these tools, we saw 3-star statistically significant improvements in fatigue, anxiety, depression, motivation, positive outlook and stress symptoms.
  • Blood Pressure Reduction improvements exhibited by a mean adjusted reduction of 10.6 mm Hg in systolic BP and of 6.3 mm Hg in diastolic BP.
  • Reductions in stress and health risk factors in Correctional Officers, including significant reductions in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol levels, the total cholesterol/HDL ratio, fasting glucose levels, mean heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Cognitive Brain speed and reaction time improvements.
  • 14% improvement in functional capacity with Congestive Heart Failure Patients, decreased symptomatic episodes of atrial fibrillation, and a 1% reduction in HbA1c levels with Type 2 diabetes.


  • Staff Turnover – double digit improvements saving multiple organizations from $800,000 – $3,900,000.
  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction – significant increases in multiple organizations, such as helping a mid sized Chicago suburban hospital raise its patient satisfaction from 73rd to 93rd percentile in the first year, sustaining those gains for following 6 years.
  • Performance and decreased errors – a global technology manufacturer experienced a 90% increase in performance and 22% reduction in defects. A national pharmacy chain reduced medical errors from 40-71% with 220 pharmacists in multiple locations.
  • Reductions in Health Care Costs -. An Iowa medical center demonstrated a 2.9% avg. increase compared to an 11% national average increase over a 5 year period. They saved $3 million in its employee health plan over a 4 year period. A national organization saw a 4% decrease of health care costs with their trained population compared 9% increase with their non trained control group.

A percentage of all our profits are directed to our non profit, The Fyera Foundation (, to end the social conditions which create material and spiritual poverty by fostering heart connections within and between people all over the world, through the following projects:

  • Bringing our skills and training programs to at-risk youth (in Nicaragua, Los Angeles, Israel/Palestine) through our Sunflower SunPower Kids project
  • Bringing our skills and training to young rural midwives in Guatemala
  • Our “Operation Big Sister” initiatives to contribute to ending human trafficking and the child sex trade
  • Peace dialogues between teenage girls in Israel and Palestine through our collaboration with
  • Bringing our skills and training programs to different events at the United Nations through our alliance with
  • Various global educational initiatives for nurse education, for the purpose of bringing true care for patients as well as self care for providers back into health care
  • Innovative education models using entertainment for beneficial social change through our alliance with